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May I use the name Ethereum in my ICO name? Yes, you can, though you need to comply with our conditions & terms. Are presently there any maximum or even minimum investment amounts? No, but every ICO will have to comply with our conditions and/or terms. Just how much will it really cost to list a new ICO? It is free for qualified ICOs. What is the difference between an ICO and an STO? An ICO is a cryptocurrency-based Initial Coin Offering, plus an STO is a Security Token Offering.

Do I need to make a standalone site for every single ICO? No, we recommend only one site per ICO. Can I wear my very own internet site to host my ICO? Yes, but you have to be able to demonstrate that you are the only proprietor of the web address, and that you’re not managing a Ponzi scheme. If I’m selected to be mentioned on the CoinFund platform, can I make any changes to my whitepaper or website? Sure, although changes need to be accredited by the ICO team.

How often do ICOs be reviewed? Every ICO experiences an overview by our town team. If you feel your ICO is under review, please speak to us and we will return to you as quickly as possible. What is the difference between a Token Listing in addition to an ICO Listing? A token listing is akin to an IPO listing except that the tokens issued are distinct from airers4you’s stocks. An ICO listing is comparable to a consistent IPO in that it involves a company issuing a security token and looking for capital via an ICO.

There’s zero listing fee for both types of listings. Where do I go for guidance? If you have any questions concerning our ICO Listings, be at liberty to contact us by email. If you would love to submit a listing request or even have any questions concerning our listing procedure, please fill out the form below. Here is some extra info about ICO Listings: The following jobs are currently listed. Click on the project’s name to learn more.

But, you can get specific times when the startup should think about listing their ICO before raising capital. This includes: Product/service currently in the market (and not merely about being released)- Make connections with the team behind the ICO platform. Many ICO platforms have a team aisle where you are able to learn more about the team behind the project for in contact. For instance, the following are some of the team areas on the following ICO platforms: CryptoCompare: ICOBench: ICObench: Indochain: ICO Review: Cryptowatch: Bread: Getting in contact with the group behind the ICO platform, you’ll have to either post a message to the email address provided on the staff area of the ICO platform or perhaps communicate with them directly by visiting the team’s social networking accounts or internet site.

Be mentioned in the ICO Directory. To appear in the ICO directory, you have to pass on their quality standards. There are several elements to be viewed when doing visit this webpage, but on the whole, they’re relatively simple. They check your website, whitepaper, the project’s marketing approach, and other related documents. If you want to get listed in the ICO directory, contact the ICO platform. Just what are the benefits of NOT listing on an ICO platform?